Tips on How to Make Your Hiking Trip to Zion Successful

When planning for a hiking trip for the family at a place as beautiful as Zion, it is best to plan and organize. The following are tips on how you can make your family hiking trip a successful one.

1. Plan it. This is a family outdoor activity that you want the entire family to enjoy. Because after coming to Zion it will be one they won’t forget. Assign tasks to all members including the kids; just simple tasks so they feel they have something to contribute. Bring essential items however simple they may be. These include flashlights, a magnifying glass, baby wipes, safety whistles and binoculars.

2. Be prepared to be a handy man. Bring some basic handy repair kits in case something breaks down like the camp stove and the like.

3. Have someone know your itinerary, a friend or another family member and let them know once you have come back from hiking. Don’t forget to check the weather before you head out!


4. Bring a safety or first aid kit which contains bandages, alcohol, swabs, and some essential medicines like antibiotics and pain relievers among others.

5. Keep a slow pace. Remember you are hiking with your family. Make sure the kids enjoy the trail so let them set the pace. You can gradually increase the pace as you move along the trail and as time moves on.

6. Whoever is the most experienced and familiar with the trail should take the lead and allow others to take the lead. Get other’s insights when there is a need for any decision-making.

7. Hike along the marked trails unless you are allowed to whack the bushes and you are very familiar with the place you are.

8. During winter and on dangerous terrain, it is advisable to hike in groups. Of course, during these times, it is best not to bring the kids.

9. Dress appropriately. It is much cooler and windier in the mountains as the temperature usually drops as you elevate. Dress in layers with clothes made of polyester worn closest to your skin. This traps warm air next to your skin while transferring body moisture away. Wear appropriate and comfortable shoes as well.

10. Bring your sunglasses, a hat or a visor. Cover your eyes and face especially on the first few days of the hike.

11. Likewise, protect your skin by using sunscreen. While the temperature is freezing, you can still get sunburn.

12. Be sure you have developed an emergency plan before you go on with the trip. Everybody must be oriented what they should do in case they get lost or had accidents. Children must have safety whistles which they should blow in case they get lost.

13. Make sure you have enough stops and vary your pace especially after any difficult activity spurt. Hiking can easily drain you of energy and it would be helpful to predetermine your next stops so you could rest and take some snacks.

14. Drink enough water before the start of the hike so you are well hydrated. Bring sufficient amount of water and have emergency water filters as well in case water get scarce you can at least treat whatever is available.

15. Bring as well enough food supplies and other carbohydrate rich stuffs like energy bars, granola bars, candies and fruits for instant energy. And while you have food, make sure also that you collect and secure all your trash and do not leave them behind.

16. If you are bringing your pets, make sure that they are on their leashes as some parks and other federal lands do not allowed dogs. They should wear their name tags ad have enough water for them as well.

17. If you plan on camping, make sure you adhere to all rules and regulations that concern campfires.

Getting Around Zion’s Various Park

Zion National Park isn’t the largest park of all the National Parks, but it does present some distinctive geographical areas with plenty of diversity in the back-country. The most popular part of the park is known as the main canyon. Visitors to this area mostly stay around Springdale and travel with the help of the Zion Shuttle. This system helps you move up and down this area and observe the sights. There are other sights in this area that are not popular as such but still offer great scenery and one has to travel with a car.

kolob canyon in zion

The sections of the Zion National Park include:

I. Main Canyon

The main canyon is also known as Zion Canyon. It is the most visited section in Zion National Park and hosts all of the social amenities provided by the Park. It has the Visitor Center, the Zion Lodge, Zion Human History Museum and Springdale, a tourist town is just south of the park. During the peak season, you will find a number of buses transporting tourists up the canyon which have very amazing stops and trail heads. Most of the well managed trails are in this area, and the visitors can hike comfortably to the viewpoints without much effort. The famous landmarks around this area include the Angels Landing, Great White Throne, Emerald Pools, and the Weeping Rock.

II. Upper East Canyon

The eastern section of Zion has the best scenic drive that you have never experienced. Commonly known as Route 9, it carves a wonderful wavy path that passes through the amazing slickrock formations and the drainages of the Upper East Canyon. This is connected to Zion Canyon through the amazing Zion-Mount Carmel Tunnel. Though there are not many well-defined trails, the drainages, sandstone formations and minor peaks offer beautiful spots to explore and even take photographs. It also has the Checkerboard Mesa, which is one of the most famous formations in Zion National Park.

3. Zion Narrows

As the Zion Canyon Scenic Drive comes to an end is the Temple of Sinawava. Here, the walls of the Zion Canyon start closing in and form the popular Zion Narrows. This amazing feature stretches for more than twelve miles towards the north. The North Fork of Virgin River carves through the thick sandstone labyrinth which has a wide network of remote tributaries and side canyons. For many tourists to this place, their main highlight is usually hiking through the Zion Narrows. Get to follow the river from up above the plateau and down through the wonderful slot sections. There are some common technical canyoneering routes that descend to the various tributaries.

4. Kolob Terrace

The Kolob Terrace, is the less traveled part of the Zion National Park, is only accessible from the Kolob Terrace Road which heads northwards from the town of Virgin. It passes through the Terrace and up until the Lava Point which has some of the best views of the park right from the golden valleys until the magnificent North and the South Guardian Angels from up high. The Kolob Terrace has one of the common canyons found in Zion: Left Fork of North Creek which is also known as “the Subway.” People can also organize for primitive camping at the Lava Point. The Kolob Terrace Road is not plowed on the upper section during the winter season thus it is not easily accessible in that season.

5. Kolob Canyons

The northwestern section of the Zion National Park is the Kolob Canyons, an isolated place as it is far from the crowded main canyon area. it is known for its deep orange and pink glow due to the Navajo sandstone formations. It is an estimated 40 miles distance from Springdale to just reach the entrance of the Kolob Canyons that is at Exit 40 off the I-15. From there, the Kolob Canyons stretches five miles inwards up to the finger canyons viewpoint. This area is very remote and has its very own ranger station as well as a visitors’ center. It provides a great area for hiking and backpacking as you get to get off the congested main canyon area. Other landmarks include the huge Kolob Arch and Double Arch Alcove located at Taylor Creek.

6. Desert Lowlands

This is the hottest and driest section of the Zion National Park. It is located to the southwest of Springdale as well as to the north of route 9. It is highly overlooked by most of the tourists as they drive towards and from the Zion Canyon. It is at the lowest elevation of the park and its beauty is unrestrained during the autumn and winter seasons.

So there you have it, that’s how you get around in Zion. As always if you’re heading this direction and are needing lodging in Zion then we can certainly help provide that for you.